Valentine’s Day Menu

February 3, 2017 in Highlights


Tempura Zucchini
Roasted red pepper aioli   7

Steamed middleneck clams/ beurre blanc   16

Tuna Carpaccio
Thinly sliced ahi tuna/ pickled red onion/ lemon oil/ micro greens/ cracked black pepper  12

Lamb Lollipops
Smoked frenched rib chops/ herb chimichurri  15

Crab Stack
Mango pico de gallo/ guacamole/ creamy crab/crispy wontons  12

Seafood Bisque
Creamy seafood bisque/ lobster/ crab/ shrimp/ shaved parmesan  12


Grilled Caesar
Grilled romaine wedge/ pancetta crumbles/ shaved parmesan/ soft boiled egg/ cornbread croutons/ Caesar dressing 8

Crab Cobb
Mixed greens/ tomato/ pancetta crumbles/ avocado/ crab/ blue cheese crumbles/ hard boiled egg/ choice of dressing 14


Cowboy Cut Bone in Ribeye
16 oz grilled bone in Ribeye/ roasted fingerlings/ grilled asparagus/ blue cheese compound butter  34

Clams/ mussels/ shrimp/ cod/ Alaskan king crab legs/ smoked paprika seafood broth/ baguette topped with roulee  32

Whole Trout
Smoked trout / red pepper aioli/ roasted fingerlings/ fried brussel sprouts 17

Osso Bucco
Veal osso bucco/ creamy parmesan blue grits  33

Seared duck breast/ pomegranate cous cous/ fig reduction/ fried brussel sprouts 22

Dijon Crab Imperial
Creamy dijon crab/ roasted fingerlings/ grilled asparagus  28

Whole Lobster
1.25lb steamed lobster/ roasted fingerlings/ fried brussel sprouts 40

Pappardelle pasta/ cream/ peas/ mushrooms/ asparagus/ pancetta/ parmesan/ finished with egg yolk  18   Add shrimp 24   Add  crab 26

Chicken Roulade
Spinach/ feta/ roasted red pepper/ pesto/ cream / roasted fingerlings/ fried brussel sprouts 20

Blue Grits
Creamy blue grits/ eggplant ratatouille  16


Crème Brulee
Dark chocolate crème brulee/ Grand Marnier whipped cream/ raspberries 8

Chocolate 3-way
Mini chocolate raspberry cake/ chocolate pot du crème/ chocolate bacon bar 10

Panna Cotta
Fresh strawberries/ housemade panna cotta 7

Red Velvet Cake
Layers of red velvet cake/ white icing  7